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How to Notarize a Document ( Video) | Watch Now

VIDEO: " Everything You Need to Know to Notarize Your Document" (1 Minute)


  This video covers all of the Following : 

    1.    What is a Notary Public
    2.    Why You Need a Notary
    3.    How Much is the Notary Fee
    4.    Traveling Notary Availability
    5.    Notary Document Types


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*UPDATE on Notary Fee as of January 1, 2017: $15 Per Notarized Signature


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 We Service ALL Notary Documents

     Affidavits - Learn More »
     • Jurats
     Power of Attorney (General, Durable, Health) Learn More »
     Loan Modifications
     Spousal Consent for Pension Withdrawal
     Banks / Real Estates Docs
     Permission to Travel Letter for Children Learn More » - NEW!
     Permiso para Viajar de Menores - Learn More» - Nuevo!
     Guardianship Authorization
     • Passport Application for Children - Learn More»
     Sworn Statements
     Court Documents
     Vehicle Impound Release
     I-9 Employment Form - Learn More»
     Identity Theft & Fraud Affidavits
     APOSTILLE Services Learn More »
     • AND MANY MORE...

 We've saved the best news for last...

        Approve your agreement document by getting it notarized today. Our certified notaries can provide you a 
        guaranteed fast and reliable notary services. 
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