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Frequently Asked Questions for "Fax" Service

Send or receive your documents in seconds - the benefit of faxing is that it maybe faster and less complicated than sending an email. The following are some of the most common questions about our fax services. You can send and pick up your fax from our office.  Fast, secured , dependable . Come in today for your fax services.

Call our Office : (310) 677 - 5000
Visit our Office: 3227 W Century Blvd, Inglewood, Ca 90303
Use our FAX # : (424) 227 - 8683
( to pick up your faxes)
    Hours of Operation:
    Monday - Friday:    9am - 6pm
    Saturday:              9am - 2pm 



» How Much is your Fax Service? (To Send & Pick-Up)  
        • Fee to Send a Fax: $1.00/ pg - Free Cover page is provided if needed.
        • Fee to Pick up/ Receive a Fax: $1.00/pg  - Just be sure to provide the person send the documents our fax number.
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» What is your Fax number?
        • Our fax number is (424) 227 - 8683 
        Use our Fax number to receive and pick up your fax papers. No long lines, no waiting. 
        If you want, we can call you when your fax has arrive at no additional cost.
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» What is Fax?          
        Transmission of scanned documents text and image by telecommunications, known as a Fax machine. 
        Known as one of the easiest way to send and receive documents within seconds or minutes.
        Simply you would  feed your documents into the fax machine, enter a fax number, then sit back and wait for 
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» What are your "Hours of Operation ?" 
        Mon - Fri : 9am - 6pm
        Saturday : 9am - 2pm              
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» Do you Accept Debit/Credit Cards? 
        Yes. We accept all major credit and debit cards. (i.e. Visa , AMEX, etc.) 
        Please, keep in mind, there will be a 50cent transaction fee if debit/credit is use for payment.
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» Do I get a proof of fax ? ( i.e. Confirmation page) 
        Yes. Once the fax has been transmitted, you will immediately receive a printed confirmation that the fax was 
        successful. It is evidence that the intended party has received your documents.
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» How long is the Fax Process? 
        To send or receive a fax is fairly quick, less than a couple of minutes. 
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» Can I send an International Fax outside of the U.S. 
        Yes, we can send international fax outside the U.S.
        The Fee is $5.00 for the first page, then $3.00 for every additional page.
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» I've got other questions. Where can I get information?*
    You can get more answers to your questions by contacting us by any of the following  :
        1. Call us Now:  (310) 677-5000
        2. Submit your Question on our Contact Form
        3. Visit our Office: 3227 W. Century Blvd, Inglewood , Ca 90303
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 We've saved the best news for last...

        Complete your fax needs by visiting or calling our office. Our customer service representatives will provide you a 
        guaranteed fast and reliable notary services. Call or Visit us today, a notary is always available! By the end of your
        visit , you will have proof of fax of your important documents.

        Call now: (310) 677-5000
        Visit our Office: 3227 W. Century Blvd , Inglewood , CA 90303
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