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Types of Divorce

Have a Fast Divorce Instead of Spending A lot of Time & Money in Court *

Divorce is the legal termination of a marriage. Couples then separate from each other and divide their property. The process is always overwhelming with paperwork and is emotionally challenging, but couples can now take advantage of quicker and more subtle divorces such as mediation and collaborative divorces instead of having
to fight it out in court.

The following are the different types of Divorces and essential information.

*We do not prepare divorce documents or provide legal advice about getting a divorce.  
  We only Notarize various divorce documents.
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We Notarize All of the Following Divorce Documents :

Summary Divorce
An expedited divorce procedure for couple who want to quickly & easily do it themselves.
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Uncontested Divorce Couples agree on the terms of divorce - no trial or appearance in court, only a petition.
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Default Divorce
Get a Divorce even if your spouse doesn't respond or refuse to participate.
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Fault & No Fault Divorce 
Divorce on the grounds of a reason or merely irreconcilable difference.
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Mediated Divorce
Divorcing couples hire a mediator to help quickly & cheaply negotiate and reach a settlement. 
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Collaborative Divorce Couples have separate lawyers discuss & agree to the settlement, which keeps you out of court.
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Contested Divorce Couples refusing to agree on anything, then brings the matter to the judge & the courts.
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Same Sex Couples Divorce
Any of the following divorce procedures applies to same sex divorces.
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Separation by trial , permanent , & legal
Living separate from your spouse until you get an official judgment of divorce
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Like a divorce, but  its as though you were never married.
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Enclosed is a list of highly recommended divorce lawyers that are affordable. Our notary publics do not offer legal advice, but the list below are attorneys who are available to answer your questions or prepare a quick and easy divorce.
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