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Permission to Travel for Children

"Everything Parents Need to Know about Child Permission to Travel Letters"

by Admin

When children under the age of 18 years old are soon to travel out-of-the-country (i.e. Mexico, etc.)  WITHOUT one or both parents, permission must be granted by non-traveling parent(s), which must be written or typed , then notarized.

This process is necessary and a set regulation to protect your child during flight and prevent frustrating delays at the airport when entering and leaving the country. 
Non-traveling parents must give consent or permission to travel for their child to leave out of the country with someone else. (i.e. Grandparents , Relatives , Friends , or the other parent traveling with the child).

The permission for traveling document must state clearly , that the parents acknowledge that their child are traveling out of the country with their permission. Don't take it lightly, if detained and questioned, failure to produce notarized permission letters could result in your child being refused to fly.    

So remember , Permission to Travel letter must be signed in front of the notary public. Once notarized , it should be in your child's or the traveling adult's possession at all time until there return to the US.

8 Facts Parents Need to know when obtaining a Permission to Travel Letter

 Your Traveling letter should have the following information :

  1. Name, Address , and Phone Number of NON-traveling parent(s) .
  2. The Name & Relationship of the person you authorize to travel with your minor child. (Grandparents , relatives , etc.)
  3. Child's Name and Date of Birth.
  4. The Countries the child will be traveling to (Mexico , Bahamas, etc.)
  5. Date of Travel (Departure Date)
  6. Date of Return to the Unites States , if known ( Returning Date)
  7. If one legal parent is traveling outside the United States with a minor child, the Permission to travel form should be signed by the parent that is NOT traveling.
  8. If your child is traveling outside the United States with someone other than either legal parents, BOTH legal parents should sign the Permission to travel form.

As an added bonus , having a copy of the child's birth certificate before flying is always helpful !

This is not to be construed as legal advice and is only to be considered a best practice.

US Department of State : http://travel.state.gov/

US Customs and Border Patrol : http://www.cbp.gov/

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