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How much does it Cost to Notarize ?

How to get the best price for notary service

Suddenly, you are required to notarize an important document for the first time and you have questions that need answering, such as "How much is the cost of Notary Public Service?" or the "Fee to notarizing a few documents?"

It's not every day that you are required to notarize a document and the idea for such a service sounds like it would be an expensive task, but we promise you, it's cheaper than you would expect.

In the state of California , regulated by the California Secretary of State , the cost of notary service is $15.00 per notarized signature.

Example 1:
Understand, if 2 people, i.e. a husband and wife, are expected to sign and notarize 1 single document, then it will be $30.00. Because the husband's signature is $10.00 and the wife signature is $10.00.

Example 2: On the contrary, if someone has to sign and notarize 3 separate documents, then each document with a single signature is $15.00, therefore the fee for the entire process is $45.00. (3x$15 = $45)

However, keep in mind, the fee for notarization is separate from the fee of a notary traveling to you, a mobile notary.
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