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Medical Power of Attorney | Power of Attorney

Medical Power of Attorney | Power of Attorney|

Easy as 1-2-3  A Medical Power of Attorney permits you to appoint a loved one you trust to handle important health care & Medical  
  decisions on your behalf, if you are unable to make decisions for yourself.

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Power of Attorney » Medical Power of Attorney » FAQs

    Medical Power of Attorney permits you to do several Adv Health Directive helps with all Medical Situations important 
    things, such as:

    » Permits a loved one , whom is called your "health care agent", to fulfill 
       your health care wishes and make necessary medical decisions for you.
    » Allows your health care agent to take action for you. 
         Exampleconsent or refuse to any medical treatment that affects your
    » Ensuring your health care preferences are honored
        Example: approve or disaprove diagnostic test, surgical procedures, or 

    Who can be your  health care agent:    
    » Most people name their spouse, adult children, or a reliable person of 
        trust in your life.

    Can you name more than one person as agent:
    » It's best to appoint just one agent and name a backup agent, known as a successor, if your primary agent is unable or 
        unwilling to serve.

    Greatest Benefit of the Medical Power of Attorney:
» Your Health Care Agent will work with doctors and health care providers in your best interest to ensure you get the kind of 
        medical care you desire.

Please ReadUnderstand - A Medical Power of Attorney DO NOT authorize someone to handle financial transactions on your behalf. You must obtain a seperate legal document known as either General Power of Attorney» or Durable Power Attorney », Learn More »

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Medical Power of Attorney | Power of Attorney| Advance Health Care Directive