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            Enclosed is a list of highly recommended attorneys*. Our Notary Publics do not offer legal advice, but the list below
            are attorneys who are available to take on your legal questions, prepare Wills, or Trust Documents. Give them a call.
        1. Kenechi R. Agu , Attorney At Law :     
            Phone: (310) 431 - 9875
            Areas of Focus: Family Law, Estate Law , Business , Consumer , Contract , Personal Injury, Employment , Intellectual

        2. Diane Bulter , Attorney at Law : 
            Phone: (310) 338-0204  
            13252 Hawthorne Blvd , Ste 103, Hawthorne, Ca 90250
            Areas of Focus:  Family Law, Estate Law , Business , Consumer , Contract , Personal Injury, Employment

        * The list contains a information of independent Attorneys who are known to provide great services. However , their services and 
            experience is not a reflection of Inglewood Notary Public Center. This is only a courtesy list for your convenience.          
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        Approve your agreement document by getting it notarized today. Our certified notaries can provide you a
        guaranteed fast and reliable notary services. Call or Visit us today, a Notary Public is always available!    
        By the end of your visit, you will have proof of notarization of your important documents.

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