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If you are like most people, you probably don't know the purpose of a Notary Public.

Today, more than ever, fraud and theft is on a rise. In order to protect you (i.e. your identity), and your assets (i.e. money, house, family , etc ) from either fraud or thieves, documents need to be verified and sometimes certified of the document signer's identity by a Certified Notary Public.

As Certified Notary Publics, we verify the document signer by government issued ID cards (view 8 acceptable ID's), then affix an official seal that vouches for their authenticity that proves that the signature was not forged.

Notary Public Center, CNSA LA have been in business for over a decade and have notarized many documents that can help you fulfill your personal or business transactions.

Bonded & Certified, A notary is always Available!
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