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"What Forms of Identification Card is Acceptable to Notarize?"

Top 8 Acceptable forms of ID

Suddenly, you are required to notarize an important document and you have questions that needs answering, such as "What do I need to bring to a notary public?" and "What forms of identification is acceptable to notarize a document?"
To better prepare yourself before visiting a notary public, review this list of identifications that are acceptable for notaries.

All acceptable forms of ID documents must be current or if expired, issued within the last five years. Must also consist of a photo.

All acceptable forms of identification (ID):

    CA Driver's License or CA ID Card
    • US Passport or Passport Card
    • Other state's driver's license or ID Card
    • Canadian driver's license
    • Foreign Passport (stamped by USCIS)
    • Military ID
    • CA Inmate ID (if inmate is in custody) Does not expire
    • Credible Identifying Witnesses

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