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"How to Notarize Your Document"

Before you notarize - Learn what you must bring to a Notary Public | How the Notary Process Works

Suddenly, you are required to notarize an important document and you have questions that needs answering, such as "What do I need to bring to a notary public?" To better prepare yourself before visiting a notary public, follow this simple guide to properly know how to notarize your document.

First, it's important to know that you must NOT sign the document until you are present in front of the notary public. However, if you have already signed, its ok.

Meeting face to face with the Notary Public
Visit your local notary public office or if you are unable to go to a notary (i.e. busy at work or experience difficulty leaving your home), then a notary public can easily travel to your location. There's usually an additional fee for a notary to travel to you.

Bring your photo ID
Bring a government issued photo identification card, such as a California Driver's License, state's drivers license or state identification card, passport, etc. view entire list of ID »

All Signers must be present at the time of notarization
Present notary public with your photo ID. Once the notary has verified you as the signer, then you will be instructed to sign your document. After the notary public witnesses your signature, then the notary will also sign and stamp an Offical Seal onto your document that certifies your signature(s).

Once the offical seal is stamped on your document, pay the fee for the notarization. Then, you can submit your completed notarized document to whom requested it.
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