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FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions for Notary Public

The following are some of the most common questions our notary public receive from customers. However, if your question is not listed below please feel free to contact us either by calling us, sending us your question , or visiting our office and get a live notary to answer your question.

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» What is a Notary Public? 
Notary Publics are public officials that protects the public from "forgery fraud" of documentations and 
        agreements, in order to protect your assets and valuables, such as your identity, home , bank accounts , 
        businesses , and your family, just to name a few.        
        A Notary Public is defined as a person of proven integrity, appointed by government to serve the public as an
        impartial witness in order to verify a signer of a document then certified the document with a notarized seal . 
        Once notarized, your document will be approved for your desired transaction or its intended purpose.
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» What does it means to Notarize? 
        To attest in one's capacity as a Notary Public, to the authentication of a signature to assure the signature is not forged.
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» What do I need to bring to a Notary Public? 
        1) Identification:
he signer(s) MUST be present at the time of signing and notarizing the document.
        2) The "Signer" of the document: The signer(s) must provide valid Identification to prove their identity.         
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» What Identification Cards (ID) are Acceptable? 
State Driver's License or State issued ID Card , Passport , Military ID Card .
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» How much to Notarize a Document? 
$10 Per Notarized Signature. Learn more».
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» Do you accept debit/credit cards ? 
Yes, we accept all major debit and credit cards. We also accept cash. 

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» What is an Power of Attorney? 
        A legal document that permits you to appoint someone you trust , to act in your place in handling important matters 
        on your behalf. Learn more».
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How long is the Notary Process?  
Usually , the notary process only takes a few minutes. 
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» I've got other questions. Where can I get information?*
    You can get more answers to your questions by contacting us by any of the following  :
        1. Call us Now:  (310) 677-5000
        2. Submit your Question on our
Contact Form
        3. Visit our Office: 3227 W. Century Blvd, Inglewood , Ca 90303
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         Meet with our Notary Public to assist you in "Approving your Agreement Document" by having it notarized, correctly.
         Our certified notary publics can provide you a guaranteed fast and reliable notary services. Call or Visit us today,
         a notary is always available! By the end of your meeting, you will have proof of notarization of your 
         important notary documents.

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