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Durable Power of Attorney | Power of Attorney

"Before you Sign a Durable Power of Attorney, You should know these Important Facts"

Easy as 1-2-3  A valid Durable Power of Attorney is a legal document that permits you to appoint an individual , someone you  
  trust , to act in your place to handle important matters on your behald, in case you ever become mentally
  incapactitated or incaracerated or in the event you will not be present for decision making. It serves as a legal 
            peace of mind in writing.
            For example, paying your bills , managing your finances or personal property, temporary child guardianship over your
            children. Just to name a few.


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Power of Attorney » Durable Power of Attorney » FAQs

    Durable Power of Attorney permits you to do several Adv Health Directive helps with all Medical Situations important 
    things, such as: 
    What is a Durable Power of Attorney?
    » A Durable Power of Attorney is an important legal document. By
    signing the Durable Power of Attorney, you are authorizing another
    person to act for you. The person you appoint is called your "Agent /

    Durable Power of Attorney permits your agent to do several 
    important things, such as :

   » pay your bills, manage your finances or personal property,
      temporary child guardianship over your children, etc.
    Who can be your Agent/Attorney-in-Fact/Representative:    
    » Most people name their spouse, adult children, or a reliable person 
       of trust in your life.

    Can you name more than one person as agent:
    » It's best to appoint just one agent and name a backup agent, known
       as a successcor, if your primary agent is unable or unwilling to serve.

    Greatest Benefit of the Durable Power of Attorney:
» Your appointed  Agent/Attorney-in-Fact will work in your best interest to ensure your finances , bills, children, and legal 
        responsibilites are taken care for. 

Please Read

Understand - A Durable Power of Attorney and General Power of Attorney DO NOT authorize someone to make medical & health decisions. You must obtain a seperate legal document known as either an Advance health Care Directive » or Medical Power Attorney »Learn More »

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      I Need a "Power of Attorney" for 
         a Loved One  currently in a 

    When someone you love is in the
     hospital and they are conscious and
     aware, then this is the best and
     probably final chance for them to get
     a valid power of attorney (Financial
     and/or Medical Advance Health Care
     Directive). Call now to get started!

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     I Need a "Power of Attorney" for 
          a Loved One  currently in 
             Prison / Jail

  • Please Call our friendly Notary 
    Publics to learn what you will need to
    have a power of attorney that is free
    of errors and delays when someone
    is in a Los Angeles County Prison.
  • You can also get a quick quote &
     schedule a same-day-appointment.

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    Prison(s) information Learn More»

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