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5 Common Notary Errors and How to Avoid them

Don't make the same mistakes when notarizing your documents

As humans, we make mistakes - it's a given. The following are the most common errors customers make when attempting to notarizing their documents. These scenarios continue to replay itself over and over in the life of notaries. Although it doesn't affect the notary considerably, it does appear to bitterly frustrate many customers who happens to finally find a notary public - only to be refused service. Usually getting something notarized is a trip you would like to make only once. Read the following in order to make your notary experience as simple as possible.

    1.    Properly Identifying the Signer

    Don't appear before a notary public without your identification card (acceptable forms of identification). This steps helps the 
    notary identify the signer and saves you time by not having to make a second trip because the notary had to turn you
    away for a lack of identification.

    2.     Physical Appearance

    Signer(s) must be present. One of the main ways that a notary prevents and deters the possibility of fraud is to require that
    the document signer personally appear before the notary at the time of the notarization. California law prohibits a notary
    from notarizing a signature if the signer is not present . Violating the physical presence requirements may result in a
    monetary loss for the victim. There is no exception to this rule.
3.     Notaries are not attorneys

    There are a few notaries that are knowledgeable in paralegal document preparation, but that's usually it. Most legal and
    immigration questions shall be directed towards an attorney that specializes in the field. In most cases you will find the
    notary voicing as a disclaimer that they are not attorneys, therefore they cannot give legal advice. Document preparation
    questions are usually okay, but with consideration. But legal advice shall be left to a lawyer or the agency in which the 
    document originated or the office that its intended to go to.

    4.     Don't use White-Out

    White out on documents are sometimes viewed as tampering, therefore not acceptable by receiving agencies, resulting in
    you having to pay again for a second notarization. Best practices to correct errors on your legal and professional documents
    would be the use of a strike of a single line through an error along with the initials of your name to indicate corrections. 
    However most find that approach too sloppy. If that's the case, in order to satisfy all parties, have additional blank 
    documents on hand in case of an error.

    5.     Save the trouble, hire a traveling notary

    This final step serves as a bonus to assist those who are unable to visit a local notary office. Some people delay notarizing
    their important documents, especially those with a rapidly approaching deadline, until the last minute because they don't
    have the time or means to go to a notary.

    Well, its only a misconception. Most notaries do travel to locations to meet clients on a daily basis. Visiting banks ,
    businesses , coffee shops , hospitals , prisons and homes in order to assist time constrained individuals and/or stationary

    Now that you know the most common errors when notarizing your document,  you can avoid them along with the negative
    results that follow.

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